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Darkside Rainbow

Darkside Rainbow


I acquired this fibre at the knitting and stitching show one year. I had such fun spinning this in my garden during springtime, and loved how the colours mixed in the yarn. This is a yarn that can look very dark, or full of bright colours depending on the lighting conditions. It gave me ideas of colours swirling and not quite behaving as you’d expect.

2015-12-02 14.56.23

2015-12-02 14.55.54


Rainbow colours: disordered and chaotic.

Not the regular laws-of-physics arc in the sky.

There’s a rebellion of colours falling where they may. Like irridescence on a wet road, or a splash of diesel.

It’s still mathematical – still obeying the laws. But somehow … it’s the badboy of the rainbow world …

Rainbow badboy flaunts the rules.

Doesn’t care what he’s thought of by other fools.

Rainbow badboy does it his way.

Makes a show of not caring what they say.

Reputation’s his only pride.

Is he just as rebellious on the inside?

2015-12-02 14.54.02


Title: Darkside Rainbow

Composition: 100% Pure Wool


Weight: 56g / 11 WPI / heavy DK

Length: 84m / 92yd approx.


Weight: 56g / 10 WPI / heavy DK

Length: 71m / 78yd approx.

Care: Hand wash only. Dry flat.


Date: April 2015

Skein code: 0021

Fibre: Unnamed wool

Source: Wooly Knit

Status: Sold