When I meet other handspinners I’m often asked which guild I belong to. And then I have to admit to being a ferral spinner. There are two active guilds nearby, but for various reasons I can’t make it to meetings.

No one, other than youtube, has ever taught me to spin. I have worked it out from video tutorials, trial and etror, and relentless experimentation.

I feel like I’ve reached the point of being a competent spinner, but not being a great fan of comfort zones it’s time to stretch myself again.

In October 2015 I challenged myself to work through Sarah Anderson’s Spinners Book of Yarn Designs. I am really a nerdy academic at heart, and relish the thought of working my way step-by-step through a beautiful textbook.

I estimated the project would take at least two years. We will see. I imagine the project will swing between periods of progress and periods of consolidation as time allows. But I am very much looking forward to improving my skills.