One of the things I would love to do is find a recipe for spinning great sock yarn.

I have two links about sock yarn on my links page:

Following the advice of the latter, I ordered a custom blend of 67% Romney wool, 16.5% Llama for warmth, and 16.5% Faux Mohair for toughness. (Faux because I know too many people with a strong dislike of mohair!)

March 2016: Singles

2016-04-07 17.15.48

The yarn needs to be three ply, so here is me trying to spin singles fine enough that three of them plied together will be sockweight.

April 2016: Plying

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Plied yarn! This was a simple 3-ply of the finely-spun singles. 70g of yarn measured at 267m on the niddy noddy. For comparison, I would expect 280m from 70g of commercial sock yarn, so I’m pretty pleased with that.


2016-04-19 13.33.21

Now, dyeing doesn’t come that naturally to me. Every time I dye yarn I think to myself “yep, I’m definitely a spinner!” What can I say? I’ve always preferred physics over chemistry! Nevertheless, I wanted to make this yarn myself, including the colours.

2016-04-19 13.34.36

And I was pretty pleased with the end result. But it’s for a secret project, so I am only posting monochrome pictures for now.

2016-04-19 13.36.05

Here is a close-up of my sock yarn after dyeing, rinsing and drying. I am really thrilled with this.

18th April 2016

2016-04-19 13.37.28

Here is my very own sock yarn being knitted into socks! More updates to come.