Hook to Heal: Wk 7 reading

Hook to Heal: Wk 7 reading


Our week 7 reading assignment is:

Week 7: 13th-19th June

  • Create Abundance, pp. 139-160

For those on kindle that’s from the chapter heading “Create Abundance” to the text box entitled “Yarn for Thought: More Musings on Abundance”, and containing 7 bullet points. The last one begins “In what ways … ” and ends “… change your mindset from competing to collaborating?”

Over half way now! The weeks are whizzing by. This week Vercillo follows the chapter on Facing Fears by considering two common fears: the fear of scarcity and the fear of abundance. She starts by challenging our beliefs about abundance. Is it a good thing? Is it greedy? Too materialistic, maybe? But then she reframes our ideas: we will consider lifting self-imposed limitations and making the best use of our resources, both for the sake of our own happiness and to contribute to the world around us. Above all, the words that sprang to mind when reading this chapter were carpe diem: seize the day. Stop saving things for best, for that eternal ‘someday’, and use and enjoy them now.

As for me, I’ve spent my week reviewing and practising many of the mindfulness crochet and positive affirmation exercises, so you’ll need to wait a little bit for my report on week 5. Let’s call it … an abundance of anticipation. 😀

Have a week brimming with abundance. Enjoy!

All the information about the read along, including how to join, can be found on the project page.

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  1. If you ever do another read-along, I’d love to do it! I’ve been keeping up with this and really want to read the book you are going through now. I love your blog, and imagine that you have received this nomination before, but I had to include you in my nominations for the Creative Blogger Award. I think your work is wonderful and so inspiring. Here is the link to where I mentioned you. Hope you are well!

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  2. Wow, thank you so much. I am hoping to make the read along an annual thing. Next year seems like a good time for my 2nd trip through The Artist’s Way.
    Thanks for your good wishes. It would be lovely to respond positively, but sadly we’re going through tough times at the moment. So I am really happy to hear from you and read about your weaving project. It resonated. A big reason for the read along was because I needed to do sonething for me, and I have found so many helpful ideas and processes and activities that will help me, in time, to get back on track.
    Now to think of my list of bloggers … 🙂


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