Hook to Heal: Wk 4 Reading

Hook to Heal: Wk 4 Reading


Our week 4 reading assignment it:

Week 4: 23rd-29th May

  • Self-Care and Self-Esteem Building, pp. 53-93

For the Kindle crowd, that’s from the chapter heading “Self-Care and Self-Esteem Building” to the box entitled “Yarn for thought: More Musings for Self-Love.” This box contains 6 bullet points, the final one being “What limits your ability to love yourself?”

This week we embark on the critically important work of self-care. We dig down to the roots of our negative thoughts about ourselves and work through processes of affirmations to turn the negative self-thoughts into positive ones. We look at how crochet can be used to support this process and build our self-esteem. This type of work can be intense in the feelings it exposes, so be extra careful with yourselves this week.

Have a healing week, everyone.

All the information about the read along, including how to join, can be found on the project page.


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