Hook to Heal: Week 1 Reading

Hook to Heal: Week 1 Reading

Welcome to Story Skeins’ first group Read Along!

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Hook to Heal by Kathryn Vercillo

Our reading assignment for week 1 is as follows:

Week 1: 2nd-8th May

  • Introductory material, pp. 1-22

When planning our schedule I considered combining the introductory parts of the book with the next chapter. In the end I decided to separate them because, even though they are both quite short, I believe it is worth taking the time to lay these firm foundations.

So, in these pages the author sets the scene for us. In the introduction Vercillo lays out her personal beliefs about this topic, about creativity and the idea of being an artist, and about how crafting can help us personally and help our community as a whole. You may agree with her, you may not (discussion is welcome!), but there is no doubt as to her passion for this subject.

With regard to practicalities, there are links to crochet tutorials for complete beginners, a section on how to use her book, and descriptions of the three tools that will help us to work through the course.

I shall be spending the week laying my own foundations of daily morning pages, a weekly artist’s date, and carving out some protected time in my week to work on the Hook to Heal material. Give me a shout if you’re new to crochet and would like some help to get going.

Have a great week!

All the information about the read along, including how to join, can be found on the project page.

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