All For One!!!


The fibre community in action, eloquently described here by Sarah. x


The Beginning

So I started to spin a few years back now. I plodded along with YouTube as my best friend spinning on a basic wooden drop spindle. All the pretty fibre came from the USA, it seemed and I had no other spinning connections.

This was a sad fact for me, as I have a strong love of hand dyed yarn. I love the effort WAHM’s put  into their products, I love the way they can take an idea and run with it and make something that far passes all expectations.

So last May I asked for a spinning wheel for my birthday, which is exactly what I got. A little Kiwi 2, called Betsy. I bought it from wingham wools and got a gift voucher for fibre. So I was off, spinning away on my beautiful wheel.

It was at this point I started to meet new people who…

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