Eat Your Greens

Eat Your Greens


This was another swap with a lovely and talented lady. She wanted a complete surprise so I thought I’d spoil her with a Hilltop Cloud gradient set. The fibre was called “Cabbage Leaf” and inspired the concept behind “Eat Your Greens.”


I saw a cabbage flower once, in the place I’d least expect it. Nestling, hiding its face, but placed at the centre of everything, radiating nature’s elegance.

It was in a flower display in a church. And it wasn’t even harvest! It had been picked for its subtle beauty.

Was this the cabbage I knew? From school dinners and uneaten meals. The two ideas didn’t go together. Incongruous was the word.

But now I have a new idea of what ‘cabbage’ is.

2015-11-28 22.25.06


Title: Eat Your Greens

Composition: 55% Merino, 30% Corriedale, 15% Bamboo.

Weight: 140g / 16 WPI / Sports weight

Length: 539m / 590yd approx.

Care: Hand wash only. Dry flat.


Date: November 2015

Skein code: 0077

Fibre: Handblended Merino, Corriedale and Bamboo.

Source: Hilltop Cloud

Status: Swapped

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