The Walk to Weyland’s

The Walk to Weyland’s


This skein was created from divine fibre, handdyed by Hilltop Cloud. The luxury combed top came as a dyed rainbow gradient in beautiful harvest shades. I decided to spin it as a fractal yarn, so split the fibre lengthwise into halves, split one half into quarters, split one quarter into eighths and split one eighth into sixteenths. The fibre was spun finely in sequence from the half to the last sixteenth, and the single was navajo plied to preserve the colour changes. Combined with the luxury fibre, this was a very special skein indeed.


Crisp autumn day. Frost dances with sunbeams in a perfect pas de deux.

2.2 kilometers says the sign.

Set off up the hill, to the ancient trackway, passing the signs of autumn, harvest just around the corner.

Leaves give up their vibrant green life and mellow to chestnut shades. Showers of red hawthorns peek through and purple sloes gather in abundance.

The sky shifts – from clear, bright blue to purple-grey clouds rolling in.

We pass the abundance of the hedgerow – leaves, trees, berries, shrubs, flowers, fruit, crab apples.

The hedgerow parts, allowing views across the farmland. A copse of trees in the distance surrounds our destination.

More than five-and-a-half thousand years old and still revered today.

The path comes to an end and the trees form the entrance. I lay eyes on the long barrow, and wonder at my ancestors.

I shall rest a while at Weyland’s Smithy.

2015-11-01 17.52.42


Title: The Walk to Weyland’s

Composition: 33% Camel, 33% Seacell, 33% Faux Cashmere.

Weight: 100g / 16 WPI / Sports weight

Length: 265m / 290yd approx.

Care: Hand wash only. Dry flat.


Date: October 2015

Skein code: 0069

Fibre: Combed blend of camel, seacell, and faux cashmere.

Source: Hilltop Cloud

Status: Sold

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