Disco Lights

Disco Lights


This was one half of a skill swap. In return for hooking up a crochet pattern for me, I received two beautiful rolag sets to spin into yarn. This is one of those rolag sets.


Disco lights.

Disco darkness.

Do you hear the music better when there’s less to see?

Maybe not less. But other.

There’s the light show. Primaries and secondaries. No subtleties. Pulsing, dancing, rolling, chasing over walls and ceiling and people.

People on the dark dance floor. Why do they come here? To forget? To live? To be in their own skin? To care? To not care?

This temple of dark and music, of noise and lights, of abstraction and connection. Disco lights: witness to it all.

2015-11-01 17.44.43


Title: Disco Lights

Composition: Merino/firestar

Weight: 58g / 18 WPI / Sports weight

Length: 152m / 167yd approx.

Care: Hand wash only. Dry flat.


Date: October 2015

Skein code: 0070

Fibre: Merino/firestar

Source: Fibre supplied

Status: Swapped

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