I love this post so much that I had to share it. So many of the sentiments resonated with my own post, Slow Making.



Over the years I have developed a system. I always weave with the thought that what I am creating is for me to keep.

I found it works well and actually makes each item more personal with each step. It helps me choose colours that I think work well, it helps me combine patterns and designs, and the end result is always a bit of a ‘oh….it’s lovely’ moment when I finish it off.

The magic for me is when people come to the stall that I have (with Wild Rumpus or at Coledale Markets) and have a look at what I have made.  Some unknown magic makes them reach, almost instinctively, for something of a similar hue to what they have on at the time. I love watching people look at the first item, then to another and another, and then almost like an unseen force they guide…

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