I think this is one of my favourite yarns so far. The colours were so rich and the way they played together with the navajo ply was immensely pleasing to the eye.


The story’s in the fabric.

Covering the stone walls,

Cushioning the room from cold,

Warming the space.

Woven by artisan:

A cottage industry creates, so the wealthy can flaunt.

The richness of the colours – burgundy, forest, ultramarine – mirrors the richness of the owners.

And the characters, the lady and the unicorn, give silent witness to the ostentatious splendour before their unblinking eyes.

2015-08-05 10.44.23


Title: Tapestry

Composition: 100% merino

Weight: 200g / 13 WPI / DK

Length: 535m / 586yd approx.

Care: Hand wash only. Dry flat.


Date: July 2015

Skein code: 0019

Fibre: 21 micron merino

Source: Wingham Wool Work sample day

Status: Sold

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