Icon of the Silver Screen

Icon of the Silver Screen


As soon as I saw this fibre, mixed by the wonderful Nunoco, I was transported to my favourite old movies. Monochrome images of James Stewart, Henry Fonda and Celia Johnson flashed through my mind and I was hooked. The merino/silk mix spun up into the most gloriously soft DK yarn. I was thrilled with this skein.


The Flick, Flick, Flick as the spinning wheel turns and the procession of monochrome shades passing through my hands remind me of times past.

Of Fedora hats, steam-powered trains and fifties curls, strictly styled.

Of the Flick, Flick, Flick of the cinema projector and the procession of black and white images that tell the story.

No need of adornment, no need of gimmicks.

Simplicity carries impact. The story is told.

2015-07-08 12.10.23


Title: Icon of the Silver Screen

Composition: Merino/silk

Weight: 100g / 12 WPI / DK

Length: 248m / 272yd approx.

Care: Hand wash only. Dry flat.


Date: June 2015

Skein code: 0040

Fibre: Merino/silk blended top

Source: Nunoco’s “Smoke”

Status: Sold

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