This skein was spun as a gift and I fell in love with the beautiful shades of jade and teal greens. Its first working title was ‘Malachite’, but the lagoon image was persistent and won through in the end. My impressions during spinning were of swirling seascapes, dynamic contours and silver flashes as the fibres of white silk would flow through my fingers.


Midnight on the sandy beach. Clear skies above and malachite waters beside. Jade hues are shot through with metallic filaments as the moonlight glints off ripples in the lagoon. Breezes sculpt the contours of the surface and silver fish dart through the deep. The rest of the world fades to black, as I stop and savour this glimpse of tranquility.



Title: Lagoon

Composition: 70% Merino 30% Silk

Weight: 100g / 17 WPI / Sports weight or ‘5-ply’

Length: 305m / 333yd approx.

Care: Hand wash only. Dry flat


Date: July 2014

Skein code: 0003

Fibre: Jades merino and silk. Approx. 70% merino 70’s / 30% white silk

Source: Wingham Wool Work – (RMS/J)

Status: Gifted

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